National Chair Massage

Our primary focus is  CORPORATE CHAIR MASSAGE. We can come to your office for ‘Employee Appreciation’ day or to energize your tired associates.

Chair massage


Mobile on-site chair massage involves the visit of a qualified massage therapist who brings along a massage chair and often gives 10 to 20-minute chair massages for all interested employees.

The massage chair is unique, comfortable and ergonomically designed to support fully the head (in a forward position), leg, arms and torso allowing the massage practitioner to work on achy and tight parts of your body. The massage chair is portable, easy to fold, and can be set up anywhere. The client remains fully clothed making this type of massage very convenient and eliminates the need for total privacy.


Quality Corporate Chair Massage and Its Importance.

Employers have started to understand the importance of stress relief in their workplace. Stress free employees have higher productivity and retention rates. Thus, it’s no wonder that many companies have been encouraging corporate chair massage in their workplace. With the help of chair massage, employees can enjoy a break from the repetitiveness of their day and go back to work with a greatly lessened stress level.

Reduced blood pressure

Studies have revealed that massage at the office can help relieve stress levels. High blood pressure, which is one of the signs of stress, is reduced after a fifteen-minute massage. Stress at work can cause higher healthcare expenses. Employees who’re stressed at work spend fifty percent more on healthcare. Aside from this, employees who take a sick leave because of workplace stress are gone for long periods of time. Bring mobile massage to your workplace to boost productivity as well as increase employee satisfaction.

Increased loyalty

In addition, it is a kind of treatment which shows people that the employer cares about them as well their general well-being. Overall, it can also add up to increased loyalty. It’s widely accepted that massage helps improve the immune system of the body in addition to giving relief for muscular tension as well as discomfort.

Increased energy

After the session, the employees are relaxed, their energy levels are increased and they are ready to return to their work. Some studies have also revealed that implementing on site chair massage lowers illnesses in the workplace. Mobile on site chair massage is different from other kinds of massages.

Massage in office attire

Employees can get the massage dressed completely in their office attire. The therapist doesn’t use oils or any other kinds of ointment in the process. This professional can effectively address tension-prone parts to relieve the pressure that those who sit at their desk all day feel. Companies can choose to provide the corporate chair massage as one of the employee benefits.

Share the expense with employees

Some larger companies will pay the full cost of service while others pay a part and the employee is then liable for the rest of the fee. On site chair massage is becoming among the most popular employee benefits aside from the usual benefit packages. Professional corporate chair massage requires only a room for the specially designed portable chair provided by the therapist. It can be a conference room, a workstation or a cubicle. The massage session is timed to meet the length of a usual work break. Since the employees remain fully clothed, there is no equipment for changing their clothes.

Happy employees

With happier employees, lower absenteeism rates and reduced tension, any organization would surely want to benefit from the advantages offered by corporate massage. Intuitive Body Care provides quality on site chair massage to make stressed out employees happy and turn them into productive ones, which would of course benefit the business in the long run.