We Accept:

The information below is our standard.  We will work with you however, to tailor make a plan that is reasonable for all parties.  We strive to create a ‘win -win’ at all times.

You have two options for payment:

Credit Card: We charge your credit card right after each event.  There is a small 3.5% swipe fee that will be added to your charge. Parking must always be paid for each therapist.
Check: We require payment in full no later than 3 business days after the event. If you choose this method, we’ll send you an invoice to submit for payment as early as possible so you can work with your accounting department to have it ready right after the event or soon after the event.

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3 Ways to Pay for Office Massage

Employer Pays 100% (recommended method)
This is the preferred method of paying for massage in your workplace. Why? It let’s your employees know that you care about their well-being and provides some much needed fun and relaxation in a stressful business world. It is also an exceptionally affordable benefit.

Employer & Employees Split the Cost
This allows more cash strapped offices to get the benefits of chair massage and the fun of a little mini-vacation inside the office without breaking the bank

Employees Pay Full Cost
This can be a good option for an employee organized event and has the potential to convince your boss of the tangible benefits he or she will see from paying for on-site chair massage in the future.

Pricing Structure

Affordable – Our rates for chair massage generally range between $60-95 per hour, depending on volume, number of hours and number of therapists requested. You may pay a higher rate for weekends.  Rates may be lower for very high volume contracts. Rates may be higher for short-notice events or for events lasting less than 2-hours.

High Value – The easiest way to afford chair massage and lock in the best rate is to schedule a lot of massage on a regular basis. That’s because we can give great discounts when you schedule higher volumes of massage. Just ask!  Call for a quote or send information to us and we will call you back.

Individual Mobile Massage

We prefer to get a credit card number prior to arriving to your home.  This is just to secure the massage and insure our therapist will get paid.  If you would like to pay cash we will not charge your credit card.


You must give 24 hour cancellation notice or you will be charged the full amount.