Our Testimonials

“Therapists were awesome, very professional and arrived on time. I look forward to seeing you guys next year!!! 5 stars”
– Crystal T –
Baylor medical

“This is the second time I have hired Intuitive Body Care to do massages for our social media company and they are wonderful! They have the best competitive rates and massage therapists. We had 3 masseuses bring massage chairs and give 50, 15 minute massages to our sales associates that needed some relaxation during Quarter 4. We provide many perks at our company, but the employees said this was one of their all time favorites. I would highly recommend Intuitive Body Care for any business looking to show appreciation to their employees.”
– Katy J –

“I just wanted to provide you with some feedback regarding the massage event at Bell. From my personal experience it was amazing! It was nice to be able to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day. Everyone had nothing but good things to say about their massage. One of PSAs stated that she loves how AltaMed takes care of and spoils their employees. My masseuse, Lora, was extremely kind and was able to personalize the massage. She even gave me helpful tips on how to massage out some of the tension in my neck at home. Overall the event was a success at Bell, and left all of us very satisfied. Thank you for helping us set this up at our clinic, everyone really appreciated this thoughtful gesture. From this event it has become even more clear that AltaMed truly does value and care for their employees. ”
– Altamed –

“The level of service at Intuitive Body Care is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
– Marcel Montecino –

“Everyone in the office loved your service! Your team was professional, attentive, and made our corporate massage a great experience.’ Thanks again!”
– Mimi Schirm –
Epoxy, Inc.

“Intuitive body care came to our company party a few weeks ago and surpassed all our employees expectations. Their stress relieving chair massage was the best i have had and our entire team loved the aromatherapy and expert attention to our sore muscles. i gladly give them 5 stars. best onsite mobile unit around.”
– Fred F. –
Redondo Beach

“Ms. Adele is a skilled professional whose therapy has helped me cope with a significant level of stress in my life. I am regularly active in weight training and a martial arts program and her skills are very complementary to my fitness program in addressing certain chronic injuries that can flare up if I don’t attend to them properly. She has made a significant contribution to my work towards maintaining a greater sense of well-being in my life. Her positivity and sensitivity make every session a highlight of my day and her availability for house calls makes it all the more convenient to take advantage of the excellent services that she offers.”
– J.B.-
Culver City

“Working in a corporate environment can be stressful. Our company, located in Orange County, brings Adele down from Los Angeles because she is able to reduce the impact all that stress has. Her experience and expertise soothe away the tense, knotted feelings of the day and keep us all relaxed and happy! She has good energy and gives the best massage! Go see her…you’ll love it!
– Gerald S.
Laguna Beach, CA

I’ve used Adele and her team of chair massage therapists for two employee events at Walt Disney Studios and would again without hesitation. They were reasonably priced, showed up on time, highly professional and made you feel very comfortable and peaceful. Each therapist had their own set up including small tables w/free goodies and music. I highly recommend them for small or large events.”
– Gina V.-
Disney Company

“Thank you for the fabulous chair massage as well as the chair massage’s for my crew.  It was the first time we had someone come in and perform this type of service and I’m sure there will be plenty more opportunities for more.  We were all pleasantly surprised.”
– Sargent Aerospace and Defense –

“I have been a client of Intuitive Body Care for many months and have enjoyed the therapist who have come to my home for Swedish massage. Adele is an excellent technician and because of her great work I hired  her team to come to my office to give ‘chair massage’ to my employees.  The reaction was astounding. I have to admit I was bowled over by the difference it made in my employees attitudes. Their ‘lifted spirits’ was worth 10 times what I paid for the service. Thanks to Adele and her team. I will be using them again soon.”
– Jay R. –

“It has been my pleasure to have first interacted with Adele of Intuitive BodyCare a few months ago, and to have benefited from her professional skills in the area of massage therapy.  My military career brought about a number of injuries that have the potential to impact my level of performance in a number of areas.  Adele is not only skilled in the application of deep tissue, Swedish, and Reiki massage techniques (to name a few); she is also intuitive to the point of understanding resultant stress and degraded job performance that ensues.

Following her skillful massage, I’ve found my flexibility is increased, as well as stamina and overall level of energy.  Further, lingering pain from some sports activities and repetitive motion injuries are greatly lessened after receiving a massage from her.  Essentially, I am far more productive following a massage than prior to it.

I’m also aware that her services have been highly regarded by corporations where she has clearly shown the value of an on-going program of massage services for staff members; as well as with social events where her services compliment a celebration, team building or other unique occurrence.  The personal reward of an effective massage and the health benefits realized cannot be overstated.  However, productivity increase, mental clarity enhancement, sleep improvement… all of these issues not only benefit the recipient of the massage, but also benefit an employer with increased focus, skills and endurance.

I can also speak to the work ethic of Adele  and that of Intuitive Body Care.  Simply stated, the highest quality of work ethics and personal ethics are clearly evident not only with her, but with anyone she associates with Intuitive Body Care.  There is never a question with either her or any staff member, about the quality and caliber of ethics or skills.  Intuitive Body Care’s diverse services are unparalleled in value and results.  Consequently not only am I pleased to provide  a letter of recommendation, I will continue to seek out Adele and Intuitive Body Care for my needs, and continue to recommend them to business  associates, clients and friends.”
– A.G. Burghard, Sr. –
LtCol USMC, (Ret.)

“I am an experienced trial attorney with constant stress, commonly working in an office for fourteen hours a day (or more) when I am not in court.  In a recent office I used as my “home base” for a series of high-stakes cases I worked on, my law firm had the foresight to recognize the effects of this stress on the attorneys and our staff, all of whom were under similar (constant) pressure, and the firm manager hired Ms. Adele, owner of INTUITIVE BODY CARE,  to provide weekly ten- to-twenty minute “chair massages”  in the privacy of our offices.

The results were startling.  For me and for the other attorneys and support staff who enthusiastically spoke to each other about the experience, this short and effective mid-day “energy break” got our blood flowing afresh, and we were much more capable of plowing through  our cases, without any potentially risky use of caffeine drinks and sugar-laden candy or so-called “energy bars”.

As Ms. Adele came in to our offices during mid-Friday afternoons, our anticipation of her visits had the added benefit of keeping the lawyers and our staff in the office late in the week, productive, refreshed and anticipating the immediate and lasting positive effects of her remarkable talents, instead of rushing home to “crash” from our long days of work.”
– Larry G. –
From Larry S. Greenfield

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Intuitive Body Care was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding and the healing effects of the massage I was given lasted for days. Thanks IBC! Keep up the good work!”
– Bentley Devore –