Table Massage

We are a full service mobile massage company. Our technicians will come to your home for a wonderful relaxing  table massage. With an in home massage, you are able to stay at home, enjoy that comfort and sanctuary, while also feeling perfect down to every joint. You can schedule them whenever you want, whether it is right before bed or when you wake up early in the morning, and start, or end, your day right. There is no limitation to when you will need a massage, so you should be able to schedule one whenever you want. Right after the in home massage, you can even take a nap, thus furthering the relaxation and the calm feeling of serenity. Choose from our menu of Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, or Couples Massage.
Table massage can be included in the work place as well.

We are expert in ‘clothes on’ table massage for the tired computer warrior who works 18 hours a day at their computer. What ever your need, we have the team that can help.

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Swedish Massage

This is a gentle and relaxing massage. The therapist administers strokes, taps and kneads on muscles in the same direction as the blood flow to the heart.

Table massage: Swedish massage


Deep Tissue massages and Sports Massage

Getting a professional sports massage is a solution to injuries caused by sports like upper back and shoulder stress. A deep tissue massage helps to de-stress chronically tensed muscles where the innermost layers of muscle tissue, fascia and tendons are focused upon. A complete back massage can also relieve all inbuilt tensions and stress and helps athletes to get back to business.

Table massage: Deep tissue massage


Couple massage

The couple massage is affectionately known as a duet massage. It is gaining popularity as most couples want to spend quality time with each other, whenever they can. It is quite simple. Two people are massaged simultaneously, at the same time, and in the same room. The therapists will be different. The couple can be mothers and daughters, partners of the same sex, married couples, best friends or girl friends and boyfriends.

Table massage: Couple massage


Prenatal Massage

Our therapists are expert in prenatal massage.
Massage for pregnant women help relieve them from pregnancy based discomforts. This encourages better circulation and relieves joint pains. It fights depression and anxiety which are caused due to hormonal changes.

Table massage: Prenatal massage


As funny as it seems... we can come and massage your pets as well.
Hope you enjoy the picture.

Table massage: Pet massage